We offer U-Pick strawberries and raspberries when they are in season. We also have some pre-picked berries by request. Please call us and let us know what you are looking for. We are located approximately 7 miles north of Grove City or 10 south of Paynesville on MN highway 4, then 3.5 miles west on Meeker County road 3. Please come and visit or call with questions



We have almost one acre of strawberries for picking. They are usually ready in mid-June. Picking season is normally about 3 weeks. The 2021 season is over. Thank you.

Picking hours:


Monday thru Saturday 7am to noon


Other times may be available by appointment.


All are welcome, young and old. we provide containers, you do the picking.


2021 prices UPick $2.25 per pound

Prepicked $3.50 per pound. Limited availability.


Cash or checks accepted, we are hoping to accept credit cards in 2021.




We have both "summer" and "fall" bearing raspberries available. 2021 raspberry season is done.


U-Pick and pre-picked available. Please call for appointments and picking times as we only have enough berries to accommodate a few people picking each day.


2021 prices: 

U Pick $3.25 per pint

Pre-picked $4.50 per pint

Discounts available for 10 pints or more of U-pick berries.

Michigan Fruit

2021 order info is below.  Please read the info.

We sell Fresh Premium fruit from Michigan. We offer Blueberries and Cherries, they are available late July. Pre-order is required. Order deadline is July 2nd.

Blueberries and Peaches will be available late August. Order deadline is August. 2nd. The fruit is picked ripe and fresh and shipped directly to our distributer in Minnesota. When we get the fruit, it is as good as you can find. 2021 prices: 

Cherries 10 lb. $42 or 20 lb.$75

Blueberries: 5 lb. $25. or 10 lb. $45

Peaches: 1/2 bushel(approx.24 lb.)  $45

Due to Covid-19, shipping has been challenging and we may need to increase the price. 

From time to time we have an abundance of garden produce, we will post available items which may include: sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, asparagus, etc.